The four questions you need to answer through Relationship Intelligence

I ask myself the question: Why should I invest time and energy into the subject of Relationship Management when Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson in their book “Challenger Sale”, make a convincing case that Relationship Builders are not top performers ? Particularly in complex sales, my primary focus of interest. The answer is : because I have read the book and this is what I took from it :


How Challengers Use Relationship Management

There are numerous hints throughout the text that Challengers need to build and maintain relationships to be the top performers they are. They need a better understanding of how networks operate than Relationship Builders. Challengers are not satisfied with having relationships. They actively use knowledge about their contacts to initiate the right conversations and eventually get purchasing decisions from their customers.

Challengers consider knowledge about their contacts as working capital. They know that they continuously need to invest time and effort in order to learn more about their existing contacts. They are ager to get to know better their new contacts to keep this relationship capital productive.



So, here are this four questions 

In a nutshell, this is what Mastering Relationship Management means to me. I hope this blog will help you with enriching your understanding of Relationship Intelligence by answering questions such as:

  • What do we need to understand about contacts ?
  • What new relationships do we need to build ?

And Influence Management which is to know :

  • Who can help us build the necessary new relations ?
  • Who can help us with conveying the right message to the right person ?

I am looking forward to rich discussions about these topics which I consider essential for success not only in Sales, my primary focus, but also other domains we have already mentioned.