Learn everything about the new implemented features which will help you win more contracts.

Dear users,

We are delighted to introduce you to the new version of Powerscope which could be done thanks to your feedbacks on the software. In this article, we will accompany you, point by point, through all the improvements, in order to help you familiarize with the new functionalities. This was also the occasion for us to upgrade the fluidity of Powerscope.

1. The decision criteria


In the “Opportunity” category, we can see that several things improved and some others have been created. Indeed, as you may have noticed, first and last names now appear in a single column, which saves us some space. Also, as you can see in the previous image, you now have an option to add a person's decision criteria to a project. This will be of great help in preparing your strategy.

2. The Powermap filters

One of the Powermap major changes concerns the preservation of the value filters when you switch from the Powermap to the engagement plan and go back to the Powermap (for example). Indeed, before, when you switched categories, and went back to the Powermap, all the information that you set up were reset. With the new version, the filters set up remain unchanged over the course of your actions.


The Powermap contains several new functionalities. You can now add a filter to see the handlers’ level in the Powermap. You also have the possibility to zoom in to see each person’s involvement on the Powermap.

3. interpersonal relationships inside the Powermap


Regarding interpersonal relationships, you can now get a glimpse while going over them with the mouse in the Powermap.

4. organisational Unit


In this new version, we added the ability to associate a contact to a position when creating an organizational unit.


On the hierarchical map, you can now see how many people are in an organizational unit and add a color on it to personalize it.

5. Engagement Plan


The Engagement Plan is the biggest innovation of Powerscope version 5.10. It allows you to assign actions internally to certain person, with a deadline and a prioritization of the task, in order to move forward and win new businesses .

6. The matrix

Powerscope … now allows live data synchronization which help people work simultaneously on the matrix.


You now have the possibility to delete a relationship directly from the matrix. It will be synchronized in the entire environment, so the contact disappears from all other Powerscope cards.
Ce détail permet une analyse plus rapide des relations d’une personne.

We also implemented the enhancement of a person’s network when clicking on her name in the matrix, as you can see on the previous image. Thanks to that detail, you can get a quick insight of a person's relations.

7. the explorers

With Powerscope … we added 2 explorers, the Network Explorer and the Pursuit Explorer.


On the Networks tab, on the left, you now see an explorer button. This button provides access to the full list of person that are in your network, by alphabetical order. On the Pursuit tab, also on the left side of Powerscope, you now see the explorer button. This button provides access to the list of companies with which you are trying to sign a contract.