Relationship Intelligence and Influence Management

The RiiM method allows you to understand, analyze and take action through relationship & power networking by:

  • The definition & codification of relationships between people
  • The representation of power and stakeholders mapping
  • Detecting people of power & influence
  • Managing the ecosystem before and during a deal


Strategic Value Selling

The SVS approach allows you to co-create value with your clients:

  • Diagnose & detect profound risks of the clients
  • Determine how to constantly pursue added-value
  • Apply the strategies & sales tactics based on the context and competition 
  • Master the "Sales-Consulting"


Key Account Management

Supported by SVS and RiiM, the objective of KAM is to develop key accounts.

  • Coordinate relationships of an entire company
  • Manage in a non-hierarchical way
  • Develop Cross-Selling
  • Manage "Value-Consulting"