How to fulfill a Contact sheet

The creation of a Contact Sheet is a vital step in using Powerscope. With no less than thirty fields at your disposal, you can shape these contact sheets according to the use you want to make. The data available in the contact sheet is a mine of information on which your work will be based.

Look for a contact in the search bar. If it does not exist, create it by clicking [+].

The two sections on the left, "General information" and "Profile" allow you to enter general information about your contact.

The topics on the right are about your contact's interactions with Powerscope's environment. In order :

  • His positions: Positions

  • People chasing him: Handled by

  • The people he hunts: Handles

  • His personal relationships: Interpersonal relationships

  • Its networks: Network membership

  • Those who report to him: Is reported to by

  • The ones he reports to: Reports to

  • The opportunities in which he is involved: Involved in the following opportunities


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