Painting robots made right

Since 1984, Spekam produces the best Painting robots in the world, used by the most famous industrial companies in the world to build the most selective products in the world.

LAST Press REVIEW from newsweek

"6 months ago, ARTOL, one of the leading automation & robotics companies in the world, revenue $2 billion, its intent to buy 40% of SPEKAM, a successful mid-size company. SPEKAM is one of our leading engineering companies (…….) We heard rumors last year about a partnership with a German company; in the end it is ARTOL, one of the worldwide leaders in the area, which convinced SPEKAM to jump onto their bandwagon. James MALLANCO, COO, co-founder with Fred DANES and R&D leader from the beginning of the company, was apparently quite elusive in terms of industrial and scientific synergies with ARTOL (…..) The amount of the offer is unknown, but probably high enough to satisfy the founders of this renowned engineers company."