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Discover all the new functionalities that will help you win more deals.

Dear users,

We are excited to tell you all about Powerscope’s latest upgrades.

As stated before, Powerscope is a unique interactive and graphical software to successfully manage your businesses and win more deals. At Perfluence, we are constantly looking for new functionalities to upgrade Powerscope in order for you to work with the most efficient B2B tool that is available on the market.

We heard your requests and our development team has worked hard for these new improvements :

In this newest version, one of the major upgrades, is the implementation of archived opportunities. This new functionality allows every member to know who, inside and outside the company, has previously been involved in a certain opportunity. This kind of information can have a lot of importance to build a strategy.


Regarding the explorer button, you now have the possibility to search for an organization or an opportunity. In fact, every explorer has a search box functionality for you to easily and quickly find what you are looking for.

Also, indicators have now been implemented to help you see the amount of organizational units and people in an organization as well as the number of people involved in an opportunity. With these new indicators, you are one click away to get the main information you seek, which is very helpful and time efficient.


In addition to these changes, we upgraded some functionalities and graphics inside Powerscope in order to improve your experience.

Discover all about it and keep winning big deals.
You will not be disappointed !

We are not going to stop here, Perfluence’s teams are always doing their best to go above and beyond your expectations.